Sunday, September 21, 2008

This is one of my favorite fall scenes, the Cache La Poudre River at Martinez Park right in
downtown Fort Collins. This scene is only three blocks from our Gallery, Art on Mountain where I show my work and where this painting is hanging.

This painting is 36" high and 24" long. I have painted this scene three or four times, this time of the year the Poudre River is so beautiful reflecting the clear blue skies of our wonderful state.

This has been a difficult fall, my father died two weeks ago, he was 95 but was one of the best right up until the end. He must be looking down on me right now making sure that I keep on painting! He was a great supporter of my painting and I have done several of him and the North Dakota scenes that he loved so well.

My family always has been really supportive of my crazy painting career, even though sometimes they probably wonder why I don't get a "real job". It's too late now, I have retired from "real work" and will just keep painting!

Hopefully there are still people out there who want to see painterly scenes of the wild and scenic Poudre River, plains, mountains and contented favorite subjects!

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