Monday, June 11, 2012

If you are interested in watching my demo Wednesday night please come down to the Cocoa Gallery at 146 Oak Street in Fort Collins at 700 for the AANC meeting.  I will be demoing atmosphere and underpainting for pastel and oils.  Love to see you! 
Here's Lilli standing in front of Horsetooth Reservoir with the huge fire looming in the background.  This is only a mile or so from our house!  The worst, most scary fire I have ever seen and so close that we can smell every stick it seems that is burning.  We are so lucky that we are on the east side of that huge body of water!  Hundreds of houses have burned and many animals have perished.  We need rain so drastically, we're all doing the rain dance, but to no avail.  Our prayers are with all those fire fighters who are putting their lives on the line for all of us!

Friday, June 8, 2012

The last two weeks!!

From the Edge of the Swamp
My two paintings, From the Edge of the Swamp, as seen below and in the Roxburough Art Association, "Artists of Colorado Show" in the Madden Museum in  Greenwood Village, CO was chosen as a Sponsors Award for Sterling Ranch in Douglas County.  The Opening was yesterday and the show will be open the rest of June.

And my oil painting, Lower Chasm Falls, as seen here, was selected for First Place.  Also, the most exciting thing was that Lower Chasm Falls was chosen as the People's Choice Award at the AANC Celebration of Color Show in Fort Collins.  I feel that People's Choice is really a great honor.  Often a Judge's Award is while certainly informed, still just one person's opinion.  So I am one happy camper, as well as feeling very lucky.  My husband keeps asking me to buy a Lotto ticket!!
Lower Chasm Falls