Saturday, October 24, 2009

Enjoying our granddaughter

Always so much
fun to babysit our granddaughter, Lilli. Today she was having a good time, watching Mickey Mouse on TV. I snapped this photo of her with the sun coming in over my shoulder. See the angel on the back table that I brought home from California, it is holding a sea shell, kind of seems to fit the photo somehow! Look at those eyelashes! Don't think she got them from my side of the family!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Lillies from my yard, before the big Snow Day!!

These lillies were so beautiful this year, I wanted to just preserve them forever, well, in pastel! Our backyard was just packed with flowers this year, I love the English garden look with cosmos, hibiscus, hollyhocks, asters, lillies, lilacs, clematis, phlox,
all planted rather carefully and neatly by my husband, Dale, and then reseeded by the Garden Goddesses willy nilly all over the place!

I really love this loose, fun flower style and want to do a lot more of it.

As to the Snow Day, we got about 5 to 6 inches today in Fort Collins, so long flowers! Hope to see you all in 2010!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Grant Humphries Mansion

Here's one of the paintings I did in 40 degree weather, a nice stiff breeze and a drizzle. One of the most beautiful spots in downtown Denver.

Denver Plein Air---Brrrrr

It's been awhile since I posted on my blog. I've been busy painting, painting...attending the Weekend with the Masters in Colorado Springs and running Art on Mountain. This has been a good fall, a little cold, but very beautiful scenery to paint out there!

On September 21st I spent the day in Denver at the Grant Humphries Mansion in the cold, wind and rain painting away. It was probably as cold as it gets in Colorado in the Fall. I'm surprised it didn't snow!

Here I am with my five layers under my plastic rain poncho, it was drizzling, which is not so good when you are painting with soft pastels!

I got a couple of paintings out of it, but it wasn't easy!

And, isn't it just a privilege to be an artist doing plein air! Yup.