Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Greeley National Show

Thisis one of my paintings selected for the Greeley National Show this June.  Opening is June 1, I have two other paintings in the show.  I'm so glad that they have resurrected their show again, it  was really missed.

My own Solo Show will be opening June 1 in Fort Collins in the Cocoa Gallery on Oak Street.  I have about 70 or more paintings showing in this venue (the same one the AANC National Show was in).  I am hoping a lot of my friends stop in, my friend Glenna is making great Scandinavian treats to go along with my paintings, and Norwegian and Swedish decorative Art.  I hope its a lot of fun for everyone.  My sister and step mother are going to be there, too! 

It's just amazing how much work I have created in the last 35 years!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Master Signature Status

This has been quite the week.  Last Saturday the Pastel Society of Colorado approved my application for Master Pastel Signature Status!  What made me the happiest was that I had spent so much time in service to the Pastel Society as a board member, VP, workshop and publicity director and seven years as the Signature Chairman.  I had many points in entries and awards in National and International Shows and publications, 50 in all, which surprised me as the minimum for Master Pastelist is 12!!  Guess I could have done it sooner.
             From the Edge of the Swamp, 26 x 39.  Fountain Nature Preserve, Pastel
 This has been my goal for many years, along with my Master's degree and losing weight!!  Now I am thinking about new goals, but I will enjoy the ones I have achieved for awhile.
This week was also my birthday and I got a lot of greetings and cards and we went out to dinner at Canino's, a great Italian local restaurant.
This painting was chosen for the Artists of Colorado Show at the Madden Museum at Greenwood Village for the month of June.  The juror was well respected Master Pastelist, Doug Dawson, who has written best selling books on pastel, so that was really a thrill.