Saturday, March 13, 2010

Studio windowsills, porcelain ceramic

This is the finish for my studio, porcelain tile windowsills. I wish the tulips were real but they are just for still life painting....we can pretend, though! (the white piles outside on the steps is, yes, real snow. It's gone now, March 13th, about time!) The cat not wanting a bath is Melanie, but I haven't had time to get her painted. Now that I am
home with my new knee maybe I can get somet of those putzy things done!

In the studio, notice wood flooring meets carpet tiles (that's for us sloppy painters!).

New studio fireplace

This is my new studio fireplace. The mantel was purchased in San Diego at an antique shop when I was teaching there in 1996. So I have hauled it around all over Colorado and shown it
in all my shops, etc. Now, it finally has a home. On
top of the fireplace I have a print of Nicholai Fechin's
Bali Girl which I got from a friend of mine, Judy Johnson, I keep it there in memory of her.

There's a very old sled from New Mexico leaning up against the mantle and, a carved pheasant (my Dad's favorite bird) on top.

In front is a Persian rug I got from Ebay. I guess nobody liked red that week because I got it for only about $200.00, it's an 8 x 10 and has gorgeous color and isn't even worn. Of course now it will have cat fur and painters "tracks"!!

It has taken us eight years to finish off my studio with the fireplace, the wooden planed floor and the window sills. Well, worth it, soon as I get
my knee moving easily again...I'll be hard at it!