Monday, February 22, 2010

Knee Surgery, hope to get back to painting!!

Last week I took Liesl and Katie up to Rocky Mountain National Park and we enjoyed seeing the elk out there relaxing in their winter feeding grounds. Katie is Liesl's cousin from California who has just moved here, we are so excited to have her here!

Enjoying our grandchildren is the order of the day this winter since I am going in for knee surgery on Wednesday, I hope to get back to painting and feeling much better in April.

This is our newest grandchild, Colin and his big sister Faith who is 11. We got to see them in January in Missouri where they live by Kansas City.

We hope to see more of them next summer. Don't they look alike!

Next is our grandchild, Lilli, who is sitting on my lap doing a Dora sticker book. What wonderful fun they all are!