Monday, September 29, 2008

Capture the County, Winter Shadows

This is a painting close by to the last painting that I called Winter at the Ponds. This painting is of the late afternoon shadows close by the Cache la Poudre River north of Fort Collins. This is an oil, quite large, 24 inches high and 36 inches long. It received a Second Place for Oil Painting at the Cheyenne National Show and I am not putting it in Capture the County show which will be in the Art on Mountain Gallery.

This has been a better week for me, painting-wise. I just finished a real abstracty painting that is 24 x 24 on a wrap around canvas. I will post it when I get it photographed. Tomorrow I am going to finish a couple of paintings that I did plein air to also put in the Capture the County Show. The weather here in Colorado couldn't be better, one of the greatest things about living in the state of Colorado is the long beautiful fall. In the evening it gets down into the 40's but each day it hits the high 70's or 80's. The Chamisa that blooms so prolifically here is in full glory. I have a back-lit chamisa painting that I did for the Lines Into Shapes Show in Estes Park. It reminds me of the warmth and fragrance of the Colorado fall days.

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