Saturday, March 2, 2013

Art in Bloom

I am a slothful blogger, and it's about time I started adding a few things!  It was so great to participate in the Bath Nursery Art in Bloom again this year.  Rhonda, from Florals with Rhonda, came to my studio and picked out one of my all time favorite paintings, Serene Reflections, to use as an inspiration for her floral as shown above.  I also had four other paintings in the show as seen in the photo.  What a beautifully presented show this was this year.  There were 10 artists and 10 or more florals done from the inspiration of the paintings.
I am thrilled to say I sold a couple of my paintings this year, life is very good.  Maybe the art sales corners are turning!!  I also sold one last week so now I can go get new tires on my poor van, which is complaining loudly to me as I slip and slide around town.  It's time!!
Happiness is feeling like you are painting for a purpose!  Now as soon as my nose heals up and I can actually stand to wear my glasses again, I'll get back to work.

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